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Every once in a while you come across one of those things that makes you see the world more clearly, and it becomes part of you from that moment on. I had that experience recently when I read this beautiful essay by Frances Flanagan. Make yourself a nice beverage, sit down, and savor it.

I was privileged to be introduced to this amazing piece by Kate Fullagar, another historian and fantastic writer, who connected Flanagan’s piece with a tweetstorm of mine about higher education. She makes the case for the connection between the two here.

I’m working now to re-write the tweetstorm into something more polished, and will let you know where to find that when the time comes. UPDATE: a portion of the original tweetstorm is now on the Washington Post!

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  1. Jeff Johns says:

    Frances, as I read it, purposely leaves room for human love. (leaves room?) I, as a human, love that. At this point, including ‘human’ as a ‘description’, in purposefully terms….is somehow hopeful and truly disconcerting.

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