The Writing Book Is Done!

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons. Carl von Bergen. Illustrierter Katalog der Münchener Jahresausstellung von Kunstwerken Aller Nationen im kgl. Glaspalaste 1891, 3. Auflage, ausgegeben am 24. Juli, München 1891 (Digitalisat der BSB)[/caption]


After 18 years and 136,771 words, I’m delighted to say I finally finished the book on writing for the history classroom that I’ve been gradually putting together since my days as a grad student TA doing emergency writing workshops.

However, due to various publishing delays it doesn’t look like it’ll be out in time for course adoption next academic year, at least not fall semester. Faculty who would like an advanced look before review copies are available can email me, or check out the twitter hashtag #SGWH (based on the old title, which is still subject to change!) for excerpts. In addition, please read (and pass around!) this 1-page PDF summary of the book: Antonova-EGWH-summary. And here’s the full table of contents (PDF): Antonova-EGWH-TOC

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