The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays is PUBLISHED!

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to finally be able to say that this book I have been working on in various ways since 2000 is finally a reality! The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays is now available from all the usual book distributors that go in for this kind of book (Amazon, Barnes and Noble – feel free to order it from your local indie book store or ask your library to purchase it!) and from the publisher, in expensive hardcover (for libraries) as well as reasonably-priced-as-possible in paperback and ebook versions.

Instructors can request a free review copy from Oxford University Press.

There is also an accompanying website for instructors with skeleton syllabi, exercises, rubrics, a FAQ and more at The link to this site in the ebook is broken but in the process of being fixed soon!

Errata: there’s also a significant formatting error in the examples in section 9.15 – I will soon post a corrected version for printing and inserting into the book if you already have a copy, and it will be corrected in re-prints.

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