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Adventures in Russian archives

I first arrived in Ivanovo, Russia, in the fall of 2004 by overnight train from Moscow. We pulled into Ivanovo at seven in the morning, and I peeked out, still sleepy and disoriented. I asked the elderly gentlemen getting off … Continue reading

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Syllabus: History 102, Fall 2112

As a historian, when I’m following current events I almost always think about them as I imagine a historian will do a hundred or two hundred years from now. I can’t help myself, because this is just how I think, … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things Most Americans Don’t Know about the USSR and the Cold War

10. The Cold War marks the greatest period of affluence and stability Russia ever enjoyed in the 20th century. Which still isn’t saying much, sadly. 9. The Eastern Bloc countries “went Communist” on their own after World War II. In … Continue reading

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