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About Those Who “Abhor Violence” in People Protesting Fascism

Here’s a tweetstorm and the more easily read and shared version on Storify for those who don’t do Twitter. Warning! Strong language in this one.

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Thoughts on Charlottesville

On Twitter and Storify. UPDATE! Now on the Washington Post! Their new “Made By History” column is fantastic, by the way, and I recommend becoming a regular reader of it. If you have a .edu email address, you can get an … Continue reading

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20 Ways to Fight American Fascism

1. Stand up for truth. Call a spade a spade every time, even when it’s awkward or uncomfortable. 2. Model best practices by following evidence and reasoning regardless of the source or your own prejudices. Be transparent about how you … Continue reading

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Historical Analogies: A Difficult Game

This has been a season of historical analogies in the press and on social media. The thing is, as pretty much any scholarly historian will tell you, historical analogies are an incredibly tricky thing and almost no one gets them right. … Continue reading

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