The Chikhachevs’ main residence was the village of Dorozhaevo. Their house still stands, and for many years housed the village school. Little is still visible of the old estate and its original village houses, but the limewood allee mentioned by the Chikhachevs in the 1830s is still discernible, as well as their pond.

The Chikhachev house, front facade

Rear facade, showing balcony

The house in summer

Floorplan of the Chikhachev house, ground floor

Interior, Chikhachev drawing room (now in use as a school)

Interior, former entrance hall, detail of light fixture with original plaster work

Interior, second-floor bedroom

The limewood allee mentioned by the Chikhachevs

The pond

The road through the village (houses standing today are probably late nineteenth-century)

The foundation of the Chikhachevs’ village church, on which a community center was later built

Opposite view of the old church