I had the great fun of being interviewed for a podcast – twice! – recently: You can catch the episode of Flash Forward I’m on, follow the podcast on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and subscribe via all the usual podcast apps. Flash Forward is a really fun podcast that explores future scenarios, some serious, some silly, all based on real expertise about the possibilities grounding fun imaginative exploration. My episode is about celebrity cities – wealthy celebrities building ideal cities in their own image. I talked about St. Petersburg as a past example of just such a phenomenon.

I was also delighted to talk about my first book, An Ordinary Marriage, on the new podcast Past Loves, which explores romantic relationships in the past – a bit like the classic book Parallel Lives but able to explore so many more diverse people and marriages! I talked of course about the Chikhachev marriage, the relationship at the center of my book. You can listen to that episode, read the transcript of my interview, and follow the podcast on Instagram as well as subscribing via your favorite podcast app!

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