Essential Guide to Writing History Essays – Availability Questions

UPDATE!! The books are now going out smoothly again. Apologies for any hassle you may have encountered!

I understand that copies of The Essential Guide are being held up right now by the press and people calling about their course adoptions are being told alarming things about “a major printing error” and books being held up “indefinitely.” Don’t panic! My editor tells me books will go out again in a day or two.

The “error” is confusion over the URL for the companion website for instructors (containing sample syllabi, exercises, rubrics, etc). The correct URL is printed in the book in the “Note to Instructors.” OUP also requires it on a separate page, however, which was omitted by a printer’s oversight. If you already have the book, there’s nothing serious wrong with it. If you need your copy soon, I am assured they will soon be on their way.

The companion website is here:

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