20 Ways to Fight American Fascism

1. Stand up for truth. Call a spade a spade every time, even when it’s awkward or uncomfortable.

2. Model best practices by following evidence and reasoning regardless of the source or your own prejudices. Be transparent about how you do this, so others can learn.

3. Program your phone with the numbers of your representatives and GOP moderates, plus those those facing 2018 challenges. Make calls part of your routine. Find lists of numbers and scripts if that helps.

4. Amplify the truth by sharing it all over social media, including with your friends who live in bubbles. Share solid stuff, ignore propaganda sites even when they’re from your side.

5. When you see media defending facts and investigating properly, support them. Write to complain when they don’t.

6. Divest personally and professionally from dishonest and immoral outlets, give money and time to fighters for truth and justice

7. Pressure/support cultural and political leaders to set good examples by standing up for truth and resisting greed & self-interest. Be especially kind and supportive to any Republicans who stand up to Trump or support investigations of the new regime.

8. When you block someone from your social media for supporting hate or lies, say, “this crosses a moral line for me” not “I disagree” (or the equivalent)

9. Help others to notice when they’re supporting American Fascism and find ways to help them stop (follow @slpng_giants)

10. Take whatever you’re good at and find ways to apply it in fighting American Fascism

11. Agenda 2018: Campaign against vulnerable pro-Trump Republicans starting NOW. Offer your support to Republicans who support investigating Trump.

12: Agenda 2020: follow possible Democratic candidates starting NOW, and give money, time, and attention to those you like best.

13. Help get IDs to voters, build infrastructure to provide rides, childcare, & other support on election days.

14. Run for local office, find & support others to run for local office. Know your local candidates.

15. Use apps to make it easy to comment, write editors, sign petitions, etc – save text to copy & paste, bookmark, etc. Make it part of your routine so you can keep it up long-term.

16.  Focus on goals, not squabbling about small issues. Work with allies without demanding purity or 100% agreement.

17. Let’s have less gawping at stupid people and trolls, more focusing on crimes and investigations. Make the system work.

18. Use humor, but remember to aim upwards, at the leaders and the power-holders.

19. Be careful, not cynical. Let’s not be the source of our own defeat by not believing change is possible.

20. Learn history: believe people who tell you who they are; the only constant is change; activism works

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